Men of Faith Ushers

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Men of Faith Usher Ministry is to lift up the name of Jesus and the spreading of the Gospel through the continued support and vision of our pastor in the development of the City of Hope strictly under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Men of Faith Ushers will continue to build current servants as well as seek a great man to stand and be gatekeepers at the doors while assisting wounded souls for the glory of God. Under the leadership of our Pastor and his instructions, we will maintain and promote a conducive environment for worship during church services. The Men of Faith Ushers will perform these duties with respect and order while welcoming parishioners into God’s sanctuary.

Goals and Objectives:

Ushers of the Men of Faith Ministry will put forth our spiritual efforts to achieve our goals and objectives through first prayer, commitment, and dedication to our calling as Servants and serving as Ushers.

  • To fulfill our mandate from God, we will be spirit filled, tactful, empowered and led by the Holy Spirit. 
  • We will minister and guard the church doors during service. We will meet, greet and seat the congregation in a timely fashion.
  • Dedicate ourselves to the church and the ministry through Time, Talents and Treasures. 
  • Be involved in Outreach and providing assistance to those in need and/or bereavement. 
  • We will work with the pastor and the church staff to ensure that the congregation is in the right mindset to receive the message from God in a comfortable environment.