Spiritual Care & Counseling (HSCC) Ministry


Spiritual Care & Counseling Ministries’ purpose is to assist Bishop and leadership in addressing the mounting mental health concerns plaguing our church family, congregations and communities. Providing practical coping skills and solutions for everyday problems and issues. Invoking Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us; utilizing prayer as needed to help parishioners push through when things appear to be stagnant and or overwhelming.


The Spiritual Care and Counseling Ministry of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church is committed to being a spiritual presence and resource for individuals, couples and families addressing the difficulties of life. The ministry is staffed by ordained clergy persons and lay leaders who are trained in counseling and theological support. We are committed to providing brief spiritual care and/or Pastoral counsel for church and community members. Our ministry will collaborate with other Hopewell ministries and church staff to address various therapeutic issues as well as spiritual concerns.